New year New plot

Spent quite a bit of time this weekend sorting out a new/ old plot. About 13/14 years ago we cleared a part of a field to try and grow fruit and vegetables. Not long after I had baby number 5 and life didn’t go according to plan, just for a change! The plot was neglected and became overgrown and quite a lot of rogue trees grew there. 

Now that life has moved on we are trying to reclaim this plot for feeding ourselves. We luckily persuaded a family member with a digger to push over the trees and my husband got busy with a chainsaw.

The large logs we kept for future wood burner, small stuff we campfired. The dog, wearing her new Christmas jumper had a great time sniffing round. My now teenage girl also enjoyed the fresh air and kept busy making fruit tea with the singing kettle on the gas ring and preparing vegan chocolate campfire bananas! Which we put on YouTube! Still loads of work to do, but at least we made a start and had family time as well.