Polytunnel blues

I really have no idea what happens in my polytunnel over the winter! It just gets trashed! It looks awful, old plants and rubbish everywhere and you can hardly see out of the plastic. Every year I weed it, clean it out and wash it. However this year I’m taking more drastic action. The tunnel wasn’t overly productive this year and I have an incredibly bad weed problem that I can’t control. So I’ve decided to dig out all the soil from all the raised beds and start again. Well so far after 3 hours solid digging and at least 15 large wheelbarrows full of earth I’ve done half the tunnel! Yayee! The other half will have to wait a few days until my body has recovered! Tom and Barbara would be proud. ( showing my age here). I pulled the old earth up by my plum  tree and the birds had a great time pecking through. Unfortunately they were camera shy.

My poor body is aching a bit as earlier in the week the moon had said it was a good time to spread compost over the veg beds, so I did some of that as well. Hopefully this self sufficiency life will keep me fit for free!