I’m Tune with the Moon 

So after a strange year in 2017, where I did manage to grow quite a bit, but didn’t manage to document it! I’m trying again. This year I’m going to try and plant in tune with the moon. I did try this method years ago and I do believe it works, I just found it too constricting with the time I had. In theory now I have more time. ( ha ).

  1. So far this year I haven’t really been in the garden as I’ve had to reclaim my house after Christmas! However I did attend a local foraging walk a few days ago. Didn’t actually forage anything to eat, but I did bring back some mistletoe. We have unsuccessfully tried to grow this here a few times, but if at first…….and all that. So at the weekend we went up our field and tried to graft it to a couple of wild crab apple trees we have. The moon wasn’t quite right but my husband was available and I don’t like heights! So we squashed some berries in little flaps we cut and then put some first aid tape round some , now we wait. Although we can’t eat mistletoe it might be a handy swap crop.