Rebellious gardening!

Well I have really broken all the gardening rules lately! I have so much to do and spring seems to be getting dangerously close, I really need more hours in the day ( and possibly some extra energy too! )

I wanted to transplant some raspberries to a new growing area, but the weather has not been on my side. Snow, hail, rain, freezing cold, which means one thing. Mud, mud and more mud! They say keep off the ground if the mud sticks to your boots. Well I’m sorry but I was up to my knees carrying on regardless! It was a moon fruit day and half term so I had assistance so I went for it, despite the snow and mud! Goodness knows if the poor raspberries will survive and grow, they nearly had my wellies planted next to them a few times too. I don’t think drying out is going to be a problem with this new patch either, in fact I am making plans to straw between the rows to try and soak up some of the excess. My daughter found the whole thing very entertaining anyway, seeing her mum sliding around knee deep in muddy puddles. Peppa pig would have been proud!


New year New plot

Spent quite a bit of time this weekend sorting out a new/ old plot. About 13/14 years ago we cleared a part of a field to try and grow fruit and vegetables. Not long after I had baby number 5 and life didn’t go according to plan, just for a change! The plot was neglected and became overgrown and quite a lot of rogue trees grew there. 

Now that life has moved on we are trying to reclaim this plot for feeding ourselves. We luckily persuaded a family member with a digger to push over the trees and my husband got busy with a chainsaw.

The large logs we kept for future wood burner, small stuff we campfired. The dog, wearing her new Christmas jumper had a great time sniffing round. My now teenage girl also enjoyed the fresh air and kept busy making fruit tea with the singing kettle on the gas ring and preparing vegan chocolate campfire bananas! Which we put on YouTube! Still loads of work to do, but at least we made a start and had family time as well.


Well it’s been an odd few weeks here in the mountains. I really don’t understand what happens to the time, it shoots by so quickly! I seriously need 48 hours in a day to get everything done! Sadly the garden has taken a slight back seat to running, as I desperately tried to get in as much training as I could for a half marathon. This all sounds so athletic I know, but although I do cover some miles, a runner I am not! I plod along like an absolute snail, my children can actually walk faster than my running pace, I also must confess to a little bit of walking during my runs, especially up my many many hills! If any Peppa pig fans are out there, I live in almost the same location, on a massive hill. You are either going straight down, or puffing straight up!Anyway, I’ve been out in all weathers, getting the miles in and then collapsing with no energy or time left to garden. The race day was lovely and sunny and I completed the 13 miles ( was it only 13 it felt a lot more!) with my friend Sally in just under 3 hours AND we didn’t come last! Which felt great as the last race we did, a 10k in the snow we were last and everyone else had gone home to get warm. Ours was the only car left in the car park, but we didn’t care as we had got a P.B!!!  Anyway enough of that, on with the garden. There has been a few developments, not just that a few things are growing, especially the weeds and I’ve managed to kill off some lovely tomato plants?!? I had an unexpected surprise when one of my daughters came home from uni for a weekend visit. Not wanting to miss out on such a great opportunity I wasted no time in sweet talking her to help with a particularly challenging job in the garden. A couple of years ago I was given some very large wooden crates that someone had had roof tiles delivered in. I thought and still do that they would be great to grow squash in. I sited them in the garden and had a go, but with little success. It was obviously the wrong spot, weeds took over, ivy clung to them and they were a sorry mess. As part of this years total garden makeover, they needed reciting in another part of the garden. This was too big a job for one, in fact it was quite a challenge for the two of us and in the end after he had stopped laughing at us trying to balance one on a wheelbarrow (with a flat wheel),  my husband joined in and helped! The crates were very attached to their old spot and needed a lot of persuading and chopping to get them to leave, then we had to tip them over and scrabble about emptying them of old nettle filled matter, and then try to move them to their new home ( they weigh a ton!) At one point I think my daughter was thinking exams and revision seemed quite an attractive option rather than some mother and daughter bonding in the garden! However we got there in the end, and I think they look great!