More Polytunnel blues!

I’m still trying to sort my polytunnel out ready for spring. It seems to be taking forever. I’m just doing a bit at a time so I don’t throw my back out again! I found a huge ants nest in there whilst digging. Ants are a big problem for me in there. They eat crops such as strawberries and sweet corn and when you plant and weed they bite like crazy! Ouch. I’ve tried various gentle organic approaches over the years, but they still seem to like living there. Well I’ve dug up and moved as many as I can now, although they can go miles down, so I might have only scratched the surface. This year I’m hoping to install a new watering system to keep the tunnel from drying out. This might encourage them to move out. I managed to wash one side of the tunnel with a good dose of soapy water , but the temperature plummeted that night and it froze solid. It was really unbelievably beautiful though.