I love learning from nature, it has so much to teach us.I live underneath mountains, surrounded by countryside and I try to tune into my surroundings as much as I can.As a keen, if somewhat slow runner and also a dog owner I’m out and about everyday. One of the country sayings I was taught as a child from my parents was about the weather, and how you can tell what sort of summer we will have by how the birds are nesting. I have been observing how the rooks nest for years now and as a general rule the higher the birds nest up in the trees the better the summer will be. Last year the rooks built their nests very high up in very tall trees, this ment they thought the summer would be calm. If nest are high the eggs and baby birds are very vulnerable to being thrown out and killed if we have bad stormy weather. Last summer they were definitely right we had a lovely summer, I was outside with my smoothies most days! It wasn’t scorching as I live in the UK not the Bahamas, but it was lovely! If the birds feel the summer weather will not be that great and their offspring will be at risk they build their nests lower down in the branches to offer more protection.Out for a run this week I saw to my delight that the rooks are nesting nice and high.The nests they built last year they are just adding to and leaving where they are. I’m hoping this means more fruit on the patio! But I might have a brolly on hand just in case the birds are mixed up or teasing me







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