Budget Gardening.

As much as I love my garden I can’t afford to buy as much or whatever I want for it, especially now as I’m not working. Although this means I can realize my dream and spent my time growing things ( hopefully!) it does mean money is tight. Luckily I love a bit of bargain shopping and recycling. Without sounding like a total country bumpkin, I do love the odd trip to the big city! Our nearest very large town/small city is about an hour away (depending on whose driving!) and boasts  a Wyevale garden centre. I prefer this one to our close independent centre as it’s loyalty card scheme and vouchers are so much more rewarding. For the last few years I’ve mainly asked for either garden gift vouchers or packets of seeds for Christmas and birthday gifts and my family have obliged. This means I have got a little stockpile of seeds as they do have quite a long shelf life. The garden centre usually has a 3 for 2 scheme on seeds which is great, especially if you group the same price ones together and make several trips to the till to get the best deals. I always make sure I use my loyalty vouchers and any other ones they send me that are sensible. The spend hundreds of pounds and get 50p off ones never see the light of  day but money off own brand compost is usually a good deal. I don’t stick to a certain brand of seed either. This year the poundshop are offering three packets of veg seeds for a pound. They are selling out quick, but I managed to get, spring onions, carrots and parsnips, so will be giving them a try. I find Wilkos quite good for garden stuff too. I have one in a nearby market town, about a 35 minute drive away. Their seed trays were only 75p for three and are pretty robust so should last a few seasons. I save all my clear plastic food trays as tops for the trays to make mini greenhouses, and I start my outside onions and garlic off in toilet roll tubes. I also save large pieces of clear plastic and bubble wrap as extra coverings to keep my seeds and plants cosy. My daughter loves ice lollies so I save the sticks to make plant labels – use a permanent marker, pencil washes off! Markets are a good place for a bargain too. I got a couple of large rhubarb plants there recently that are growing really well. Much cheaper and bigger than the ones in little bags at garden centres that always seem to die on me! I’m a great one for buying things in end of season sales and keeping them safe till needed, and my biggest motto in life has always been,” Sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got!”   If you’d like to see some of my resent bargains check me out on youtube at, Rawfruitheaven.

Happy Gardening and Bargain Hunting! xxx



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