This time of year, I love to see all the little frogs hopping back to their birth ponds to lay their eggs. As I’ve never been a great fan of the dark, which is the best time to spot them, I enlisted my husband and daughter to go frog spotting with me the other night in the rain. Wet weather brings them out as they sometimes have to travel far and the rain keeps them moist. Years ago people used to think it was actually raining frogs! The sight was absolutely amazing, frogs everywhere, the noise they make is deafening, like chain saws! However real life being what it is, (or my life anyway) as soon as I got my camera out, its battery died! So the following night, we tried again, with a fully charged camera this time. Not quite as many about but still fun. The noise was still incredibly loud, frogs everywhere, lots of croaking, I was expecting to see Rupert and a Beatle in the hedge! (Really showing my age here! My daughter hadn’t even heard of Rupert! Gosh I thought everyone knew his name!) The next day the ponds were thick with frogspawn, can’t wait to watch the tadpoles grow. If you’d like to see my dodgy camera work in the dark, creating my own frogs chorus, hop over to Youtube and find me at Rawfruitheaven.

Happy Frog Spotting x





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