Free Workout

In the last few days I have been struggling with a totally overgrown area, trying to clear it in order to move my raspberries. It soon became clear that it was too much! A plan B was needed. This came in the shape of a large and old piece of carpet I had used to cover ground nearby. ( I’ve since learned not to use carpet as it can contain chemicals, but this was from years ago). Easy I thought, I’d just pull it up and move it across the rough area and use the soil underneath for the fruit. Who needs the gym! It wouldn’t budge. My arms were aching, my back, my core, everything! Luckily for me my superheros came in the shape of one of my daughters and her boyfriend, home from uni for a weekend visit. Not sure if gardening was on their agenda but it was now! Job done. Meanwhile my youngest daughter had a great time pretending she wasn’t nearly a teenager and could play with mud. She cleared out and revamped a small forgotten pond we unearthed in the clear up. I wish I had had a camera on me to capture the moment when our little dog ( who has cat-like tendencies when it comes to water) was stood knee deep in the water with a “who put that there” expression on her face. Priceless!



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