New Life Purpose

I’ve had a self-sufficiency dream for well over ten years now. I love being outside in nature, I love gardening and the satisfaction and taste of growing my own fruit and vegetables. As a vegan plants play a very important part in my life in general! Unfortunately as a busy mum of a large family for years this dream has been suppressed, but now as my children are growing up and leaving home  my life purpose is evolving.  Over the last few years I have been embracing many changes in my life, including, raw veganism, running and entering half marathons and more confidence in myself.

I attended an organic gardening course in 2004, and since then have tried to grow things, but with limited success as life really did keep getting in the way!

This year with all my life changes and a new attitude (the housework can wait, I’m going outside!) I really hope to start achieving my dream. It will not be easy as I’m still a mum! I still have to deal with unpredictable Welsh weather, my budget is not huge and I’m sure that sometimes life will still get in the way, but this time I have a new determination and a totally different attitude to life.

Welcome to my life as a self-sufficient vegan xxx




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